Dykyi sharm*UA

Why buy a kitten in our cattery "Dykyi sharm*UA"
Because we work in accordance with our principles:

we grow up healthy and well-groomed animals;
our kittens are necessary and timely veterinary care in the best clinics of the city;
our kittens from early childhood accustomed to the hands, to what their stroked and combed. Excellent react to strangers;
a month old, we cut the claws of kittens, so kittens are accustomed to cutting the claws;
we often take pictures of the kittens, to preserve the memory, and to compare that grow from each "kazyavochki";
we prepare kittens for photo session - my of their dry shampoo up to 3 months and a professional shampoo before the show, which is why our kittens normally carry "water treatment" and blow drying;
we accustom kittens to the toilet in early childhood;
we expose their kittens at exhibitions. This makes it possible: from early childhood to accustom kittens to the exhibition, which subsequently minimizes stress; an estimate of the experts; guarantee the future owners, that the kittens have no disqualifying characteristics; and of course to enjoy the successes and victories!

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