Holy Templars

Some time has passed since I developed the idea to start breeding this wonderful breed that is the Carthusian. In this time I have had the opportunity to meet with other breeders in search of information, ideas, opinions, in order to get the right advice that allowed me to work in the right direction with regard to the breeding of this breed.

The philosophy that has inspired me from the very first day that I came into this world that is comparable to many small artisan and / or niche, trying to propose subjects to users of excellent quality. The litters are never many, this is due to the philosophy of \\\"few but good\\\", then I have a few breeding stock with a great degree of adherence to the standard, and excellent pedigree. My cats live in the house loved and cared for as you would with a real real, are fed only the best products on the market of quality \\\"Super Premium\\\" because they do not mind being by myself at the expense of absolute importance to their health and well-being.

In addition to this text all subjects, be they simple or breeding puppies Carthusian at the Laboratory of Genetic Antagene in France, from which each specimen present and future receives its own Identity Card Genetics so that each specimen from this breeding is perfectly recognizable through their DNA and which one has the ABSOLUTE certainty of who their parents are.

In addition to tests of Genetic Identification text also for breeding PKD, HCM, Corona Virus, FIV, FELV addition to blood group.

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