- Breeding Maine Coon -

The cattery Latigun announces the birth of kittens of different dresses. Our kittens are all holders LOOF pedigree .

The Maine Coon Cat is an exceptional , intelligent , sensitive and very affectionate. This is a perfect cat company that gets along very well with children . Despite its imposing size , it is perfectly suited to apartment life .

Regarded as the largest domestic cats , the Maine Coon cat is a longhair , rectangular body and powerful muscles . The males are larger than females.

Its rustic fur requires a minimum of maintenance, weekly brushing is sufficient in most cases.

It will fill you with love, tenderness.

Our breeding , from French and foreign lines are tested N / N for HCM -A , SMA , PKD .

We are at your disposition if you want to know more . Do not hesitate to contact us by email

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