NO*Bettmo’s are a small FIFé Registered Ragdoll Cattery in Norway located in Lier just outside Oslo. You can meet us and see our show cats at shows in Norway and across Scandinavia pluss Northern Europe.

At NO*Bettmo's we only have a few litters per year and we select our breeding cats very carefully striving to meet the Fifé Ragdoll Standard. We believe that if the parents are picked carefully our kittens will have superb temperaments, have good health and will be stunning beauty.

We focus on the traditional colors seal point and blue point. We strive to have mitted, colourpoint, high mitted bicolour and true bicolour which give us possibilities to get kittens within all varieties.
We carefully pick our breeding cats and when needed make necessary additions to improve the genetic diversity available to us in our cattery. We avoid lines with high degree of inbreeding and always plan for the future when revising our breeding plans.

All of our fertile cats are DNA tested for HCM, PKD and MPSVI before used in breeding, we only use cats with the test results of nomal or N/N. Fertile cats from our own breeding with HCM, PKD and MPSVI (DNA) tested parents will not be tested as they can only be normal or N/N by nature. In addition we also scan heart (HCM) on all fertile cats at around the age of one year, two year, three year and five year old, we also scan kidneys (PKD and CIN) on all fertile cats at around the age of one year and we only use cats with ultrasounds results normale (u.a.). We vaccinate all our cats for Chlamydia, FIV and FeLV.

NO*Bettmo's is a FIFe Registered Cattery and we have signed and abide by the NRR code of Ethics.

We are member of The Ragdoll Club Denmark and have signed and abide by their guidelines regarding health and breeding.

Our local FIFe memberclub is Norske Rasekattklubbers Riksforbund (NRR) and we are member of the NRR affiliated club, Norsk Rasekatt Klubb av 1938 - NORAK.

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