Petit Bleu

We are the only CFA/FIFE registered cattery in Hong Kong with Chartreux. It is a rare breed, especially in Asia. Chartreux only comes in one color of coat - blue with short to medium in length. The Chartreux is celebrated for its sweet temperament and beauty. It is an intelligent, non-aggressive, affectionate breed and easy to adapt to a change of environment. The Chartreux is also know as a truly hospital cat, one that can read your emotions. The Chartreux is very devoted to its owners. You will find them following around, but never demanding or intrusive. They have a few doglike characteristics - friendly (even to strangers), greeting you when you come home, and even occasionally play fetch. Our kittens are fully vaccinated, healthy, and playful and come with a CFA certificate. If you want to enjoy this bounding relationship with your feline companion, contact us and come visit us. We'd be happy to answer your questions.

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