Standing Ragdoll

Standing Ragdoll is a Ragdoll Breeder who breeds with outstanding Pedigree.

We have lovely, socialized, tested kittens in all sort off types.
We breed Blue, Seal, Lilac, Choc, Tortie, Cream in all variantions like Point, Mitted, Bicolour and Lynx.
Also we breed the rare Mink and Sepia in all colors and variantions.

Our goal is the real Big Ragdoll, Floppy and Relaxed, with Health and a great Furr!

We live in Luxembourg and are easily accessible within 10 minutes off the border from France, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

You can find us and our cats also at Facebook: StandingRagdoll

We love the Race and we are pleased to find the perfect match for you!
Call us our send a email, we speak English, Deutsch and Netherlands

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